Sigrity announces support of new Cadence Allegro system interconnect design platform (Sigrity)

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Santa Clara, California - March 15, 2004 - Sigrity, Inc. today announced its support of Cadence Design System, Inc.'s new Allegro(R) system interconnect design platform. The new platform delivers a best-of-breed co-design methodology that promotes collaboration across the entire design chain, including designers of I/O buffers, integrated circuits (ICs), IC packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs). The key Sigrity product that supports Allegro is SPEED2000, Sigrity's transient time-domain simulation software tool. This tool analyzes the power delivery system and the signal return path in a non-ideal power supply environment of the IC package and PCB elements of the system interconnect -- from a chip I/O driver through the IC package, across the PCB and back through another package and IC I/O receiver, i.e., chip to chip. Additionally, PowerSI, Sigrity's frequency-domain simulation software tool, can extract a multi-port S-parameter model of the entire IC package or PCB structure.

"Through Sigrity's participation in the Cadence(R) Connections(R) program, SPEED2000 and PowerSI offer tight integration to the Cadence Allegro platform," said Jiayuan Fang, President of Sigrity. "Sigrity's customers, including most major electronic companies, have adopted Sigrity's SpeedXP Suite, which includes SPEED2000, PowerSI and Broadband SPICE, to simulate and analyze the entire interconnect from IC to package to PCB."

SPEED2000 from Sigrity analyzes electromagnetic effects and field propagation inside the entire package and board structures. It utilizes a patented methodology that allows the co-simulation of the Allegro interconnect using a circuit solver, 3-D field solver, interconnect and transmission line solver simultaneously. SPEED2000 supports I/O drivers both as transistor-level models and behavior models such as IBIS. Furthermore, Sigrity's Broadband SPICE can generate a broadband accurate SPICE model, which can then be simulated in the time-domain using various circuit analysis tools including the Cadence Spectre, Allegro Package SI and Allegro PCB SI. Leading global companies as well as high-tech start-ups have successfully adopted Sigrity's software tools for applications in various pre- and post-layout power and signal integrity analyses as well as in evaluating decoupling capacitor placements and synthesizing highly accurate SPICE models from multi-port S parameters.

"We are pleased to have Sigrity supporting the new Cadence Allegro platform, their support further demonstrates Cadence's commitment to open collaboration through our Connections program," said Michael Sanie, Group Director of Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives, Cadence. "This type of industry collaboration with Sigrity demonstrates our commitment to true open interoperability which benefits our mutual customers in reaching their design success."

About the Cadence Allegro platform
The Cadence(R) Allegro(R) system interconnect design platform optimizes and accelerates high-performance, high-density interconnect design. The Allegro platform delivers proven, best-of-breed design and analysis tools to support a new generation co-design methodology that promotes collaboration across the entire system design chain. Electronics manufacturers will benefit from the Allegro platform's ability to minimize design iterations within and between the design domains of IC, package, and PCB design. The new platform provides a common constraint-driven flow across design entry, signal and power integrity, and comprehensively addresses the implementation of system interconnects. For more information, please go to

About the Cadence Connections Program
The Cadence Connections program promotes open interoperability in all areas of electronic design including digital, custom IC, analog/mixed-signal and PCB design. By attracting best-in-class partners, Cadence offers the industry's largest collection of third-party solutions operating fully with the Cadence suite of design tools. The Connections Program has over 120 member companies working toward developing an optimized silicon design chain for customers. Information about the Connections Program may be found at

About Sigrity, Inc.
Sigrity, Inc., a privately held U.S. corporation incorporated in 1998, is the technology leader in advanced software tools and services that extend the capabilities of a multiplicity of silicon-package-board design flows. Sigrity's advanced analysis tools for power delivery systems and signal integrity have been adopted by leading companies in the computer, networking, communications, and consumer electronics markets. Corporate headquarters are located at 4675 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 130, Santa Clara, CA 95051. Sigrity has direct sales and global distribution through worldwide representatives.

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