Ansoft releases Simplorer v7 (Ansoft)

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Pittsburgh, PA - September 7, 2004 - Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ: ANST) announces the latest release of SIMPLORER®, simulation software for the design of large-scale, multi-domain systems found in the automotive, aerospace/defense and industrial automation industries. SIMPLORER v7 now features a powerful new scripting interface, enhanced optimization and statistical analysis tools, extended VHDL-AMS functionality and new model parameterization tools.

"SIMPLORER has captured significant market share in the automotive and aerospace/defense industries because it meets the needs of those involved in complex multi-domain engineering in terms of accuracy, usability and flexibility," said Mark Ravenstahl, Product Marketing Manager at Ansoft. "The innovations and improvements incorporated into SIMPLORER v7 significantly reduce modeling time, physical prototyping iterations and costs. These are the benefits that Ansoft strives to deliver to all of its customers."

Usability features in SIMPLORER v7 include a new scripting interface that helps users integrate SIMPLORER into existing design flows. Enhanced statistical analysis allows users to perform design optimizations and identify design tolerances prior to manufacturing. SIMPLORER also features new model-development wizards for creating C-models, VHDL-AMS models and component dialogs. The VHDL-AMS functionality (IEEE standard 1076.1) has been extended with optimized models, improved simulation efficiency and a modeling wizard, allowing engineers to utilize the IEEE language without learning syntax. In addition, the software features a new add-on library of sensor models with 276 elements and a transient coupling link between SIMPLORER and Ansoft's Maxwell® finite-element analysis (FEA) product.

SIMPLORER v7 highlights include:

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About Ansoft
Ansoft is a leading developer of high-performance electronic design automation (EDA) software. Engineers use Ansoft software to design state-of-the-art products, such as electromechanical components and systems, hybrid-electric vehicles, drive-by-wire systems, power electronics, fuel-cell technology, wireless products, integrated circuits (ICs) and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Ansoft markets its software worldwide through its own direct sales force and has comprehensive customer-support and training offices throughout North America, Asia and Europe. To learn more, please visit

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