Tips for Converting Level 49 HSPICE models to Level 7 PSpice models (Mosis)

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The following list HSPICE specific parameters which have been used in BSIM3v3 models extracted for HSPICE. For convenience, they are listed in alphabetical order, by category.

1. General parameters

2. Length and Width

3. MOS Diode Model Parameters

4. Capacitance Parameters

5. Impact Ionization

6. V3.2 parameters

PSpice 9.2 implements BSIM3v3.1. The following parameters are new for v3.2: ALPHA1, ACDE, MOIN, NOFF, VOFFCV. All except ALPHA1 are used in a new capacitance model (CAPMOD=3). ALPHA1 modifies the substrate current equation as follows:

Isub ~ (ALPHA0 + ALPHA1*Leff) / Leff

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