Trabuco Technologies sets New Standard for Analog IC Design Tools (Trabuco Technologies)

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Irvine, California - January 10, 2005 — Trabuco Technologies, Inc., a developer of analog design software tools for the desktop, today announced the availability of a high-performance analog design and analysis software tool for PC-based developers. Trabuco Technologies TTSpiceWorks™ design software is a revolutionary software tool that helps analog designers, custom IC designers, and discrete users to quickly and economically manage, simulate, and analyze their analog designs in a Microsoft® Windows® desktop environment.

The Trabuco TTSpiceWorks analog design software for PC-based designers combines the power of UNIX tools with the proliferation of the desktop. It provides analog designers with a simple, open, design architecture, integrated library management, and powerful netlisting and data export capabilities while keeping migration and ownership costs low.

Trabuco TTSpiceWorks design software provides schematic capture, circuit simulation, waveform analysis, and library management in an integrated environment. It enables comparison of circuit performance between different process and technology corners, allowing design tradeoffs to be evaluated efficiently and in depth. The TTSpiceWorks analog design tool provides access to legacy designs by importing MicroSim® Release 8® schematics, models, and netlists. Trabuco TTSpiceWorks is the first tool to combine PC accessibility with strong analysis capabilities, resulting in reliable and efficient designs.

“Trabuco’s TTSpiceWorks analog design tool picks up where PSpice left off. Its analog design capabilities meet the demands of the digital age,” comments Jim Woolaway, IC group manager at FLIR Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:FLIR). “It’s reasonably priced, easy to use, easily integrates into our flow, and helps us design high-value analog arrays for our infrared cameras and surveillance systems.”

“Analog design engineers have struggled with IC design tool deficiencies for too long,” says Randy Hagler, vice president of engineering at Trabuco. “Analog design is essential and inescapable; it shouldn’t be crippled by second class tools. The TTSpiceWorks design software provides a premier design and analysis environment for custom analog IC development and discrete design.”

The TTSpiceWorks analog design environment comprises four distinct capabilities that help analog designers produce optimized, cost-effective designs.

Pricing and Availability
The TTSpiceWorks 1.2 analog design software for Windows® is available now. Pricing starts at $9,500 per seat and includes the Trabuco analog package: software CD, Getting Started tutorial, and annual maintenance (24x7 support, product upgrades, maintenance updates).

About Trabuco Technologies
Trabuco Technologies develops PC-based design tools for the EDA marketplace. The company’s flagship product, TTSpiceWorks ™ is a high performance software tool that allows custom IC and discrete users to manage, simulate, and analyze their analog designs quickly and economically.

Founded in 2002, Trabuco Technologies is privately held and is headquartered in Irvine, California.

For more information about Trabuco Technologies, please visit our website at or call (949) 454-8552.

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