Analog eLab: Exploring the SPICE (CMP)

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This NetSeminar will have engaging discussion and hands-on demonstrations on how to fully leverage the power of TINA-TI, this uniquely capable SPICE simulator from TI. Afterwards, join host and Texas Instruments Senior Applications Engineer Bill Klein, his guests Gina Hann, TI Product Marketing Engineer and Sarah St. John, Senior Applications Engineer with Avnet Electronics for a live Q&A session. They will answer all of your questions and hear what your colleagues have on their minds.

The SPICE based simulation program, TINA-TI, is now available to the design community free from Texas Instruments. This powerful application program can perform DC, AC, noise, transient, and Fourier analysis.

In addition to an intuitive schematic capture user interface, the program will perform a repeated analysis on a circuit as a component is stepped through a range of values. Comparison of results between TINA-TI and those obtained on the lab bench prove the simulation to be very accurate when employing good models.

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