Intusoft Releases (8.x.11 v. 2641) SPICE Simulation Tool Suite (Intusoft)

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Gardena, CA - October 25, 2005 - Intusoft announced today the release of its new ICAP/4 8.x.11 Build 2641 analog, mixed-signal and mixed-systems SPICE simulation tool suite. The 11th-generation ICAP/4 software has added a host of customer-driven features to its former Build 2450, released in February, 2005. The notation "x" is used as a numerical product identifier in 8.x.11, delineating Intusoft's very-low price point solutions, through high-end Professional and Test Designer products.

Software Enhancement Driven by Users and Engineering Community:
Tim Ghazaleh, director of marketing for Intusoft, commented that the company's customer-marketing channel was the most traveled since its inception last year, with innovative product enhancements requested from both users and the engineering community. With 2641, users requested display of all operating point labels on the schematic (e.g., current, voltage and power). Dedicated cross-probe test points for DC and operating point analysis were also added to the "SpiceNet" design entry system. Panning a drawing using the mouse wheel, and more efficient parameter passing through all subcircuit instances were also installed. Innovative "preferred parts bins" were created to enable the designer to easily specify which parts they prefer accessible for fast placement, categorized into existing bins or new user-created bins. Finally, more waveform processing capability was added to the "IntuScope" signal-viewing tool. One such enhancement provides instant waveform updates for IntuScope, following a user's on-the-fly component parametric variation and separate real-time waveform display, for multiple types of simulation runs.

Adding to the former 8.x.11's powerful enhancement to the "IsSpice4" simulation kernel, an enhanced convergence wizard now takes advantage of 8.x.11's powerful new convergence algorithms. The wizard automatically adjusts the simulator to converge on tough SPICE-busting designs like complex switching regulators, designs with dramatic variation in signal transition, and tough startup conditions for switch-mode power supply circuitry. The user can also see what simulation convergence parameters changed, if desired.
In the modeling domain, Intusoft's custom modeling program, open to the engineering community on a no-charge basis, has added more than 425 new models to Build 2641. More than 1,000 device models were added to the previous release this year. For IC designers, Berkeley's latest BSIM4 v4.4.0 is now supported in 2641, adding to its existing collection of sophisticated models for IC design. Further, Intusoft's Magnetics Designer option will soon add to 2641, by supplying a substantial collection of new saturable cores for non-linear magnetic design, combined with thousands of existing cores. The new library will model a number of Soft Ferrite and powdered cores.
ICAP/4's full set of documentation has been updated for 2641. The SpiceNet design entry and management system now includes a New User's Guide, which quickly enables success with basic design entry, schematic operations, simulation setup and run, cross-probing schematic for waveform views, waveform manipulation and calculator operations, window configuration management, component sweeping and more, in less than an hour.

Product Backgrounder:
ICAP/4 8.x.11 is a fully integrated design simulation tool suite like no other, consisting of design entry and management tools, circuit simulation, design debug and verification applications, fault synthesis and automated export to Bartels AutoEngineer® PCB system. The scalable product line provides unique features such as significantly enhanced SPICE 3F5 and XSPICE based technology; full scripting language to optionally modify or create new simulation and waveform-processing functions, schematic-less component variation as value, expression or function of another component's change, 30 power supply design templates, dedicated power electronic library, dedicated RF design library, magnetic design and synthesis option, fully integrated waveform viewer and processor that includes random cross-probing to schematic, pole/zero and 2-port analyses, circuit optimization, Smith and Nyquist charts, automated assignment and charting of electrical measurements including out-of-limit alarms for any node and component, extensive parts management system, IBIS2SPICE converter through version 3.2, automated fault injection with optional test diagnosis, complete in-application help and movies, and a fully configurable design and debug environment.

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning EDA software to electronics industries worldwide. Its headquarters are in Gardena, California, including a worldwide network of resellers. Intusoft's products target a breadth of applications across all industrial, technological, military and consumer industries, by providing leading tools for analog and mixed-signal design of boards and ICs, plus automated test synthesis. The ICAP/4 tool suite is scalable, starting at $249 US, with all levels incorporating Intusoft's IsSpice4, 4th-generation SPICE technology.

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