Anasift Introduces AASPICE, the Accurate SPICE Analog Simulator; New Analog Simulator Meets HSPICE Accuracy (Anasift)

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San Jose, California - March 21, 2006 - Anasift Technology Inc., the leader of analog IC design optimization today announced the beta release of AASPICE, the new high performance and accurate analog simulation tool.

AASPICE is targeted for the analog simulation of high-performance analog ICs used in high-speed communications, networking, display, storage, consumer electronics, etc. AASPICE is integrated with Anasift's transistor-level analog optimization tool AMPSO as analog verification engine.

"AASPICE is a stand-alone analog simulator. It was also specifically fine-tuned to integrate with AMPSO analog optimization tool to achieve faster and accurate verification to reduce the iterations of tedious analog design optimization. AASPICE is a high performance analog simulation tool that performs high accuracy calculations including DFT, FFT for fast and accurate total harmonic distortion analysis." said Dr. J.J. Hsu, founder and president of Anasift Technolgy Inc.

"Anasift's AMPSO (high-performance analog optimization tool) with the integration of AASPICE provides a great value to its customers because customers don't need extra SPICE licenses to run analog optimization. Besides the saving in cost for analog optimization, AASPICE is also tailored for users to easily specify various design constraints of analog optimization."

AASPICE offers memory efficiency, better convergence and performance than existing SPICEs. It is fully compatible with HSPICE and SPICE models and netlists. AASPICE supports standard bsim3, bsim4, SOI, hisim, mos9, and other models.

Anasift’s products are aimed at the optimization of circuit performance and the optimization of analog design for manufacturability to insure high yield and accurate silicon implementation. Anasift’s products are designed to fit into Cadence (NYSE:CDN), Mentor Graphics (NASDAQ: MENT), and Synopsys (NASDAQ: SNPS) analog design flows.

About Anasift
Anasift Technology, a privately held innovative company located in Silicon Valley, is developing electronic design automation (EDA) software for analog integrated circuit (IC) design. Anasift's mission is to develop analog EDA optimization tools that remove the high performance analog IC design productivity bottleneck and assure accurate and high yield silicon implementation through the optimization of analog design for manufacturability.

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