Sandwork Announces Newest Product in Analysis, Verification and Debugging (AVAD) Suite (Sandwork)

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Mountain View, California - July 10 2006 - Sandwork Design Inc. today announced the release of SpiceCheck, its latest product in the company's AVAD suite for analog and mixed-signal designers. SpiceCheck performs netlist debugging from syntax verification to circuit-aware static checking and allows integrated circuits (ICs) and systems on chip (SoCs) designers to perform a global check on traditionally difficult-to-find design issues.

Today's low-power, high-speed chips commonly involve multi-rail voltage sources, internal charge pumps and multiple transistor process models. These present verification challenges for designers to ensure that low-voltage devices are not present in high-voltage rails; that no leakage devices appear at multi-rail interface blocks; and, at the physical level, that no signal integrity problem remains as a result of high resistance capacitance RC parasitics.

While it is difficult to detect these problems with traditional dynamic Spice simulation, the SpiceCheck alternative allows designers to address these challenges with:

SpiceCheck is the only netlist-driven tool for electrical rule checking that is fully programmable. "From our active conversation with designers, it became clear that there are as many different rule-checking requirements as there are different design segments, even though their are common needs, such as constant-on transistor checks," said Jack Yao, CEO of Sandwork. "Our approach has been to provide common utilities for immediate interactive use while provide powerful programmability for custom applications to satisfy the most challenging situations".

Price and Availability
SpiceCheck will be demonstrated in Booth # 3325 at DAC 2006. US pricing begins at $18,000 for a one-year time-based license. For more information, contact

About Sandwork Design
Sandwork Design, Inc. develops vendor-neutral analog and mixed-signal verification, analysis and debugging (AVAD) solutions, including transistor-level debugging and waveform analysis software for complex mixed-signal semiconductors and systems on a chip (SoCs). All products work with all industry-standard analog simulators and simulation environments. Sandwork's products allow customers to shorten design cycles and improve chip performance.
Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Sandwork is privately held and has been profitable since 2001. Further information is available at the company's website at

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