Xoomsys raises $8M in New Funding - Company plans to expand the deployment of its scalable SPICE simulation solution (Xoomsys)

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Cupertino, California - May 29, 2007 - Xoomsys, a Silicon Valley company pioneering a distributed processing solution for scalable SPICE simulation, today announced that it has raised a second round of funding from leading venture capital firms. DAG Ventures of Palo Alto led the round, with continued participation from existing investors Benchmark Capital and Morgenthaler Ventures. The new funding will enable Xoomsys to expand its engineering and sales and support teams as it prepares for wide deployment of its breakthrough solution.

“The main attraction for us was Xoomsys’ unique technology that offers a compelling solution for some of the most vexing problems facing IC designers,” said Greg Williams, partner at DAG Ventures. “Aligning Xoomsys’ innovative approach with the burgeoning trend towards pervasive distributed processing -- coupled with a huge pent-up demand for such a solution -- will drive rapid market acceptance. We are very excited to participate.”

Shrinking geometries and increasing circuit complexity increase the need for accurate simulation to capture nanometer effects and to precisely predict silicon behavior. Xoomsys technology leverages the ongoing trend towards pervasive parallel computing, e.g. multi-core CPUs and networks of cost-effective Linux platforms. By effectively decoupling large designs to enable concurrent simulation, Xoomsys technology allows SPICE-accurate simulations to scale to previously unimaginable levels.

“Xoomsys offers industry’s only scalable solution for SPICE, which will fundamentally change the circuit simulation market,” said Raul Camposano, president and CEO of Xoomsys. “We are privileged to have DAG join us in this round and to maintain our strong relationship with Benchmark and Morgenthaler as we grow the company for wider deployment of our unique scalable, distributed processing solution for accurate large-scale circuit simulation.”

Xoomsys will be demonstrating its technology in booth 7178 at the 44th Design Automation Conference (DAC 2007) in San Diego, CA, from June 4 through June 7, 2007.

About Xoomsys
Xoomsys is developing a scalable, distributed processing solution for accurate large-scale circuit simulation using both industry-standard circuit simulators and cost-effective Linux computing clusters. Xoomsys’ numerous breakthroughs in distributed processing enable orders of magnitude gain in simulation throughput with no loss in accuracy. Accurate large-scale circuit simulation is a critical requirement for silicon success as integrated circuits migrate to smaller geometries with high operating frequencies and low power consumption. For more information see www.xoomsys.com.

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