Nascentric Unveils Multithreaded Fast-Spice Simulator (Nascentric)

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San Jose, California - 26 June 2007 - Nascentric, Inc., an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company focused on providing the fastest, highest capacity, and most accurate SPICE simulation and analysis tools, announced today the availability of AuSIM™ MT, a multithreaded version which promises to boost its speed advantage over competing simulators by an order of magnitude or greater.

“Under development for nearly two years, AuSIM™ MT represents the absolute leading edge in Fast-SPICE simulators,” noted Rahm Shastry, President and CEO of Nascentric. “Customer benchmarks of our existing simulator showed that we were already three to ten times faster than the nearest competitor, but our new multithreaded version multiplies that advantage.”

Multithreading enables AuSIM™ MT to run in parallel across multiple processors, thereby dramatically shortening execution runtime. Nascentric supports the product for both AMD and Intel multi-core architectures. The greater the number of processors, the greater will be the speedup. AuSIM™ MT was built from ground up to automatically handle the partitioning and execution of the simulation across multiple processors.

The foundation of AuSIM™ MT is built upon ten U.S. patents -- five granted and five more pending. The patents cover optimization based upon topology, multiple independent simulation engines, and current-based SPICE techniques. John Croix, founder and CTO of Nascentric, is the co-inventor of the patents. Mr. Croix had previously contributed key technologies to Silicon Metrics, AMD, and IBM’s PowerPC effort.

“With nanoscale ICs, the delays due to interconnect parasitic effects dominate, so it is important to make those delay calculations as accurately as possible,” said Ramon Acosta, Nascentric VP of Engineering. “We have the only SPICE tool on the market right now that uses current-based algorithms, which gives us greater accuracy than all the other Fast-SPICE tools which are voltage-based. What’s more, it’s patented original research work from Nascentric.”

AuSIM™ MT is initially targeted for memories, digital integrated circuits (ICs), and custom digital ICs. Nascentric plans to add analog and mixed analog/digital support in the future.

The product will be available June 25, 2007. Nascentric first showed AuSIM™ MT publicly in a private suite at the recent Design Automation Conference in San Diego, California. A three year time-based license starts at $75,000 per year.

About Nascentric
Nascentric is a privately held company that develops and markets a patented, next-generation Fast-SPICE simulator for analysis and functional verification of complex nanometer designs. Nascentric products allow designers to quickly simulate, analyze and verify larger and more complex circuits, improve design quality, and facilitate higher yields. The Nascentric management team brings decades of combined electrical engineering and electronic design automation experience to bear on the challenge of delivering full-chip simulation and analysis focused on eliminating silicon re-spins due to nanometer effects.

Nascentric, the Nascentric logo, and AuSIM are trademarks and registered trademarks of Nascentric, Inc. All other company or product names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners. For more information call 1-512-225-8800, or visit us on the web at

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