Nascentric unveils OmegaSim - Its Next Generation Mixed Analog/Digital Fast-SPICE Simulator (Nascentric)

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Yokohama, Japan - January 24, 2008 - Nascentric, Inc., an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company focused on providing the fastest, highest capacity, and most accurate Fast-SPICE simulation and analysis tools, announced here today the availability of its newest, ground-breaking simulator, OmegaSim. OmegaSim combines the best of Fast-SPICE and traditional SPICE simulators for high-speed verification of mixed analog/digital designs.

Fast-SPICE tools are typically used to achieve more speed and capacity when verifying large memory and custom digital designs. The sensitive analog circuitry contained in mixed-signal designs, however, often requires the use of slower, traditional SPICE algorithms for additional accuracy.

OmegaSim is the industry’s first multi-threaded, mixed analog/digital Fast-SPICE simulator to handle designs in excess of tens of millions of transistors, parasitic capacitors, and resistors. It offers a 10X performance improvement over competing Fast-SPICE tools, plus it has comparable accuracy to Berkeley SPICE or its commercial variant SPICE simulator for mixed analog/digital verification.

“OmegaSim fills a well-known void in the SPICE and the Fast-SPICE markets. In the past, designers of large mixed-signal designs had to choose between the performance and capacity of Fast-SPICE or the accuracy of traditional SPICE,” said Rahm Shastry, President and CEO of Nascentric. “Now, OmegaSim provides the best of both worlds – industry-leading Fast-SPICE performance with traditional SPICE accuracy in a seamless, multi-threaded package that meets the performance, capacity, and accuracy requirements of sub-65 nanometer design.”

“After applying and extending several of our key patents, we have obtained results within 1% of SPICE in recent customer benchmarks,” said Dr. John Croix, Chief Technology Officer and founder of Nascentric. “We’ve developed algorithms that switch between Fast-SPICE and traditional SPICE-level accuracy, depending on performance and accuracy requirements. We’ve also enhanced our multi-threading technology specifically for mixed-signal designs.”

Pricing & Availability
North American pricing for OmegaSim is $1,200 per thread per month (thread-month) or $12,000 per thread per year (thread-year), and the mixed analog/digital option is an additional $500 per thread-month or $5,000 per thread-year. The minimum subscription commitment is 10 thread-months.

The scheduled beta release is scheduled for February 18, 2008 and the first customer shipment is scheduled for June 9, 2008.

About Nascentric
Nascentric is a privately held company that develops and markets a patented, next-generation Fast-SPICE simulator for analysis and functional verification of complex nanometer designs. Nascentric products allow designers to quickly simulate, analyze, and verify larger and more complex circuits, improve design quality, and facilitate higher yields. The Nascentric management team brings decades of combined electrical engineering and electronic design automation experience to bear on the challenge of delivering full-chip simulation and analysis focused on eliminating silicon re-spins due to nanometer effects.

OmegaSim, Nascentric, and its logo are trademarks of Nascentric, Inc. All other company or product names are trademarks of their respective owners. For more information call 1-512-225-8800, or visit us at

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