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SLCableSpice is your ideal solution to easily set up cable configurations over ground plane and to quickly create SPICE equivalent subcircuits in various formats.

A clearly arranged dialog with four frames guides you through the system definition that is similar to common measurement setups: a ground plane on the bottom with an optional dielectric spacer above and the wanted cable on the top.

Cables of certain lengths can intensely influence the signal quality of any electronic devices attached, as e.g. Printed Circuit Boards.

The main effects are changes in the impedance, propagation time delay, and cross-talk effects between the single wires of ribbon cables.

With a SPICE equivalent simulation model you are able to reproduce the parasitic resistive, capacitive and inductive effects and to investigate their influence on the signal quality.

The SPICE equivalent subcircuits created by SLCableSpice contain all essential information about Ohmic losses, dielectric losses, coupling capacitances, and coupling inductances.

These parameters are directly derived from sophisticated electromagnetic field calculations. The various software modules working in the background of SLCableSpice guarantee for a smooth workflow and automatic model creation. Supported SPICE model output formats:

SLCableSpice creates so-called distributed or mode models that contain linear elements and controlled sources. Distributed models allow for fast simulations even for long cable lengths.

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