ASCO (A SPICE Circuit Optimizer)

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ASCO project aims to bring circuit optimization capabilities to existing SPICE simulators using a high-performance parallel differential evolution (DE) optimization algorithm. Currently out-of-the-box support for Eldo (TM), HSPICE (R), LTspice (TM), Spectre (R) and Qucs exist.

ASCO is the result of an academic research which in itself did not intended to create a new tool, but only to design high performance analog low-power low-voltage circuits for mobile communications. Interaction with other experienced designers has resulted in the ideas existing in the ASCO tool. With the exception of the optimizers, all code has been personally written. The key features of the ASCO tool are:

ASCO has been designed to address problems that are particular of electric circuits. Although not limited, some possible applications can include:

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