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Cybereda Launches PCSIM: New Parallel Circuit Simulator with No-Compromise Approach Delivers 10X Improvement

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The PCSIM parallel circuit simulator is a new generation transistor-level simulation and verification solution for analog designers. With innovative proprietary parallel technology, PCSIM delivers unbeatable performance, 100% SPICE accuracy, and million device capacity.

No Compromises
Commercially popular SPICE simulators were developed when only single processor computing was available. By relying on simulators developed over 30 years ago, the speed-up available from multi-cpu computers has not been available to analog designers.

FastSPICE simulators have been available to designers to improve runtimes, but at the expense of accuracy. By relying on engines that make compromises in analysis to achieve faster performance, designers are risking missed bugs and chip failure.

PCSIM is a new, from the ground-up, analog simulator that makes no compromises in accuracy while deliver over a 10X improvement in circuit simulation. Full SPICE simulation has been extended to work across multi-cpus.

Analog circuits with hundreds to over a million devices are ideal for PCSIM. Now complex analog circuits simulations that would take one or two weeks to run can be completed in under one day when using multi-cpu computers. There is no compromise in accuracy or precision of results and is proven for multiple circuit types.

The expert team at Cybereda long experience with SPICE simulation understands the need for accuracy and precision in simulation. PCSIM has demonstrated enhanced accuracy beyond commercial simulators. In the following ADC simulation the default step-size used by a commercial SPICE simulator gives the incorrect result unless a DELMAX command is used to accurately resolve a real signal transition in the circuit. The missed transition is seen at in the red waveform in the middle of the display. PCSIM simulates correctly with no manual adjustments needed.


Accuracy of Single-CPU versus Multi-CPU Simulation
There is no change in accuracy when using one or more CPUs for simulation. PCSIM correctly analyzes your circuit across multiple-CPUs and aggregates results without compromise.

Linear Multi-CPU Performance Improvement
Cybereda makes parallel SPICE with enhanced accuracy a reality and delivers a linear improvement in simulation speed with more CPUs.


PCSIM has shown a dramatic increase in simulation speed on various customer designs. Here are the results for real customer circuits on an 8-core CPU.


You will notice that with 8-CPUs there is better than 8X speed-up versus commercial SPICE because the matrix solver in PCSIM is faster. PCSIM is built from the ground up to provide performance without compromise in accuracy.

PCSIM is compatible with commercial SPICE simulators and performs DC and Transient analysis. Modern MOS device models such as BSIM3, BSIM4, BJT, and Diodes are supported. Measurement (.meas), data tables (.data) and sweep commands are also supported.

Simulation Database and Waveform Viewing
PCSIM supports standard waveform viewer such as nWave from SpringSoft (.fsdb), anaWave from AnaGlobe, and Berekeley NUTMEG (.raw).

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