Cybereda Launches PCSIM: New Parallel Circuit Simulator with No-Compromise Approach Delivers 10X Improvement (Cybereda)

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San Jose, California – December 18, 2009 – Cybereda, a Silicon Valley startup, announced a new-generation transistor circuit simulator, PCSIM™, for analog verification of integrated circuit (IC) designs manufactured in advanced nanometer (nm) processes. With its unique CyberParallel™ technology, PCSIM delivers 10X better speed on 8 CPUs versus popular commercial SPICE simulators with no compromise in precision of results.

Because of the size and complexity of ICs manufactured today in 65-nm and lower semiconductor processes, established SPICE circuit simulators exhibit poor analysis run-times. Analysis runs that take more than a single day stall design improvement and optimization efforts, lengthen the design cycle, and raise development costs for new products. Attempts by vendors to make these aging simulators run faster have inevitably sacrificed the accuracy of results. So-called Fast-SPICE simulators use even more aggressive methods to change circuits to force faster simulations with even greater loss of precision. With the latest semiconductor processes, IC designers need a solution that delivers fast analysis and takes no compromises in the accuracy of results.

Parallel Circuit SIMulator (PCSIM) uses CyberParallel technology to deliver a breakthrough in analysis speed for the most complex IC designs. Other solutions in the marketplace offer only simple distributions of processes and require substantially more workstation memory to handle concurrent analyses.

Benefits and Features of Cybereda PCSIM with CyberParallel Technology

PCSIM is a full-featured, HSPICE and SPECTRE compatible analog solution that delivers sign-off-level accuracy. Engineered for easy adoption within existing design tool flows, PCSIM accepts standard SPICE files and produces waveform and analysis data in standard formats.

CK Lee, President of Cybereda, said, “With over 40 years experience in SPICE, Fast-SPICE and analog simulation, our team understands the critical business need for a new-generation circuit analysis solution. With our CyberParallel technology we have been able to deliver analysis that provides a linear speedup with the number of CPUs and with no compromises in the accuracy of results. Our message is clear: Why wait for analog simulation — the right answers can be had in hours not days.”

Availability and Pricing
PCSIM is available immediately for Linux based PCs in 32-bit and 64-bit version.
Pricing depends on configuration. Contact Cybereda at support@cybereda for more information.

About Cybereda
Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and with offices in Suzhou, China, Cybereda (pronounced s?-ber-?da) provides a new-generation transistor-level simulation and verification solution to IC designers. With innovative proprietary parallel technology, the PCSIM circuit simulator delivers unbeatable performance, 100% SPICE accuracy, and million-device capacity. With over 40-years of experience in numerical analysis, circuit simulation, and circuit design, the Cybereda team understands analog design. The company is privately funded. For the latest news and information on Cybereda, visit or write to

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