Meet the New Social Marketplace for Exchanging and Selling Electronic Designs (YouSpice)

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Ancona, Italy - 03/24/2011 - is now online, a new community of electronic designers and developers that represents a real marketplace for publishing, exchanging, free downloading and selling projects involving simulated electronic circuits.

Every engineer has a vocation for creating, testing and being able to physically touch end products. What comes between this phase and the abstract theory is the electronic simulator which, due to increasingly more sophisticated devices mathematical models and powerful modern PC, allows us to virtually approximate real circuit behavior.

YouSpice is a space that brings together and provides visibility for a variety of electronic projects; the community allows all developers using any SPICE simulation software to publish their projects.

YouSpice allows its registered users the choice of freely deciding how they want to make their projects available online: offer them free-of-charge, exchange them with others, or sell them. The site also allows users to exchange their experiences within the community, lending visibility for their projects while providing an opportunity to define new sources of revenues for developers.

In addition to these functions, the site offers a specific space where users can discuss their development projects, and a notice board will soon be set up to encourage contacts between developers and companies.

YouSpice wants to play a prominent role as a new digital library for electronic design projects, within which typical community social sharing functions meet the business needs of online marketing and sales.

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