TI's new TINA-TI™ 9.1 increases speed 5X, adds Chinese, Japanese and Russian versions (Texas Instruments)

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Dallas, Texas - May 2, 2011 - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today introduced TINA-TI 9.1, a powerful SPICE-based analog design and simulation tool. The latest version of the free software program, which averages 5X speed increases over version 7.0, allows engineers to design, test and troubleshoot a broad variety of basic and advanced analog circuits, including complex architectures, without any node or number of device limitations. In addition, TINA-TI 9.1 supports any industry SPICE models, making it easier than ever for engineers to simulate their designs. TINA-TI 9.1 is available in simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese and Russian, as well as English. Learn more or download TINA-TI 9.1 at www.ti.com/tina-ti-learn-pr.

Key features and benefits of TINA-TI 9.1

TINA-TI 9.1 is available today from TI for free downloading in the TI Analog eLab™ Design Center at www.ti.com/analogelab-pr. The center offers support and training for new and experienced engineers who are using analog products in their applications.

Learn more about TINA-TI 9.1 and other TI Analog eLab design and simulation tools by visiting the links below:

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