New 2010.2 Release is Available for Advanced Spice Modeling (ProPlus)

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San Jose, California - July 01, 2010 - ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. announced its official release of BSIMProPlus v2010.2 and NoisePro v2010.2, the first major release in 2010. The new version offers the latest supports for all major SPICE models including BSIM4.6.5, BSIMSOI 4.3.1, HiSIM_HV 2.0.0beta, PSP 103.1.2beta, BSIM-CMG 104.0, and HiSIM2 2.5.1beta4, etc. It also extends the reliability modeling support from the proprietary AgeMOS model to include the Synopsys MOSRA model. The v2010.2 release improved the user interface of some graphic functions and also greatly enhanced some key functions including model re-targeting flow, Model Explorer for model QA/analysis, stress modeling function for layout proximity effects (LPE) for 45nm technologies and below. Some new features including the Model Analyzer and Statistical Modeling Environment are also available for selective customers.

BSIMProPlus software has been the market leader in advanced device modeling in the world. Most of leading semiconductor foundries, IDMs and fabless have been using ProPlus product family as their main modeling tools for many years. The software provides the most efficient and accurate SPICE model parameter extraction and optimization, flexible modeling flow customization, powerful model parameter verification and documentation capabilities. Leading semiconductor companies in the world have been using BSIMProPlus tool for all kinds of modeling applications such as CMOS, BiCMOS, bipolar, and TFT processes, etc. BSIMProPlus also controls various commonly-used instrumentations and probe stations for on-wafer and packaged device measurement and characterization.

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