The new version of SimOne Beta is now available (Eremex)

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The new version of SimOne Beta is now available

  1. Periodic steady state analysis (PSS analysis): Periodic behavior of the circuit is calculated using the Shooting Newton method while maintaining a matrix-free approach: no sensitivity matrix is created explicitly. Systems of linear equations are solved using the GMRES iterative Krylov subspace method.
  2. Schematic: An option to display state variables in the last point of transient analysis or PSS result to the scheme is added.
  3. Modeling management module: An interface for manual setting of state variables is added. Initial conditions can now be set in different ways. In addition to operating point calculation and loading them from file, manual setting and zero initial conditions are available.
    An automatic definition of maximal simulation threads amount is added. The threads amount choice depends on processing unit type.
  4. Results display: While not in multivariate analysis, resulting tables are vertically oriented which previously were horizontal.
  5. Fixes: An ability to rename connection completely has been restored. At Stability analysis tab “Show Eigenfrequencies Table” and “Show Eigenfrequencies Locus” checkboxes become available correctly.

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