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CUSPICE is the ngspice on CUDA platforms. The ngspice simulator has been modified to exploit the parallelism offered by CUDA platforms. The code has been uploaded in the source repository. CUSPICE now supports only a small (growing) set of ngspice devices: BSIM4v7, Capacitor, Self and Mutual Inductor, Current Source, Resistor and Voltage Source.

CUSPICE requires an NVIDIA video card with Fermi (or newer) architecture and a working CUDA enviroment installation.

CUSPICE speeds up model evaluation, circuit and right hand side creation steps up to 3x. Interested testers of the code should read the user guide.

CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) is a parallel computing platform and programming model created by NVIDIA and implemented by the graphics processing units (GPUs) that they produce. CUDA gives program developers direct access to the virtual instruction set and memory of the parallel computational elements in CUDA GPUs.

CUSPICE Launched, April 28th, 2014

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