ADIsimPE Sets Standard For Power Circuit Speed, Accuracy, Virtual Prototyping (Analog Devices)

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Norwood, MA - 25 June 2014 - Analog Devices, Inc., a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications, today launched ADIsimPE™ (personal edition) simulator for Linear and Mixed Signal applications capable of virtual prototyping for customers with limited resources and fast time-to-market requirements. ADIsimPE is powered by the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS™ simulator and utilizes SIMetrix SPICE for simulation of linear circuits, such as precision references, op amps and linear regulators, and SIMPLIS (SIMulation of Piecewise LInear Systems) for high speed analysis of non-linear circuits such as PLLs and switching power supplies – up to 50 times faster than the leading SPICE based simulators.

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