Cree Releases SPICE Models for C2M SiC Power MOSFETs (Cree)

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Cree Releases SPICE Model for Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET

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Cree, Inc., a market leader in silicon carbide (SiC) power devices, has expanded its design-in support for the C2M Series SiC MOSFET power devices with the release of a new SPICE model. Fast and accurate, the new model effectively demonstrates the benefits of Cree® SiC MOSFETs including the new C2M0025120D device, which recently shattered the on-resistance barrier by delivering 1200V of blocking voltage with an on-resistance of only 25mOhms in circuit simulations. Using this new SPICE model, circuit designers can easily take advantage of SiC benefits, including switching frequencies up to 10 times higher than IGBT-based solutions, which enables smaller magnetic and capacitive elements and subsequently shrinks the overall size, weight, and cost of power electronics systems.

To take full advantage of all the benefits of SiC technology, power converters must be redesigned specifically for SiC devices. SiC MOSFETs have significantly different characteristics than silicon devices, and thus require SiC-specific models for accurate circuit simulations. Cree's behavior-based and temperature-dependent SPICE model delivers accurate simulation results without compromising speed and includes self-heating and transient thermal capabilities. Valid for junction temperatures spanning 25°C to 150°C, the model allows power electronics design engineers to reliably simulate the advanced switching performance of Cree C2M products.

"Our customers are constantly looking for the most accurate models available to estimate power device behavior," said Cengiz Balkas, general manager and vice president, Cree Power and RF. "Our new family of SiC SPICE models delivers a level of speed and accuracy that has not previously been seen with other models, and is an ideal toolkit for customers interested in evaluating SiC performance in new designs."

The new family of C2M SiC MOSFET SPICE models extends Cree's comprehensive suite of design-in support tools, technical documentation, and reliability information to provide power electronics engineers with the design resources necessary to implement SiC power devices into the next generation of power systems.

Please visit to download the new Cree SiC MOSFET SPICE models, to download the new C2M0025120D datasheet, and to download Cree reference designs (including BOM, schematics, and PCB layout) that clearly demonstrate SiC implemented into various topologies. For additional information about Cree's SiC power devices, please visit or call customer service at 886-924-3645.

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