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While every effort is made to achieve a straightforward browsing, some features may not seem obvious. You will find below some words of explanation in order to make your browsing efficient and easy.
Please feel free to update us with your comments in order to help further simplify the ergonomics of the AboutSpice.com web site.

The AboutSpice.com Team

> Database browsing

Database browsing is done by navigating within categories. Location information is displayed in the upper part of the screen to allow an easy path to upper categories at any time.

> Adding reviews

Adding reviews helps turning AboutSpice.com into a vendor independent information source. Registered users need to log-in in order to be granted review submission rights. Each review may be ranked once by other registered users.

> Logging-in/creating a new account

Logging-in is required to be granted review or mailing-list submission rights.

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