The Ultimate Digital Marketing Tools 2021

Small and local businesses all around the world are being forced into a digital transformation. Fortunately, there are hundreds of digital marketing tools to support this transition and growth online. In this article let’s take a look at the 5 best and ultimate digital marketing tools that will help you to enhance your marketing efforts online. Before we dig deep, grab our exclusive AdSpy Coupon that paves way for a better pricing. Apply code MEGADSPY.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks your visitor count if you have a lot of traffic. The tool will show you how people are engaging throughout your site and what traffic sources are causing the most conversions. Always optimize your website for traffic that causes conversions. 

Google Analytics will show you that as long as you set up the goal and conversion tracking. The free version of Google Analytics is more than enough to track all your marketing efforts.


AdSpy is a powerful Facebook and Instagram ad spy tool that has the largest ad database containing over 96 million ads across 209 countries. It is one of the best tools to spy on your competitors and with the help of AdSpy free tool, you can discover your rivals’ strategies and methodologies. It lets you find what works well in a specific niche and gives you all the related information. 

It costs $149 per month. But, with all our exclusive $75 AdSpy coupon code, you can save a lot more on its subscription. Apply code AFF75 immediately!



Google’s organic traffic is very consistent. Use Ahrefs, type in the keyword that you are getting traffic from already that is driving conversions and it will show you more than you could be going after from a paid perspective and organic perspective, which help boost your overall conversions and sales. It is one of the best digital marketing tools for SEO.

It costs $99 for the Lite Plan, $179 for Standard Plan, $399 for Advanced Plan, and $999 for Agency Plan.



Canva is one of the best tools for you to use to create professional images online. Canva is just a super useful website and a tool that is easy to use. They have thousands of templates you can use for all different social media platforms. If you are looking to create images for your Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Snapchat, and whatever social media platform you are trying to create content for, there are templates to use. 

The tool offers a free plan, a Pro plan costing Rs.741.66 per month, and an Enterprise plan costing Rs.2200 per month.



GetResponse is an email automation tool that simplifies email marketing. It has a bunch of features that mainly allows you to create your autoresponder emails. The tool automatically sends emails to people and within those emails, you can put links, put additional videos, PDFs and anything that can provide more value. The tool helps you to engage with your customers and build trust and thus in turn can generate sales.

GetResponse offers four pricing plans namely the Basic plan costing $15 per month, Plus plan costing $49 per month, Professional Plan costing $99 per month, and Max plan offering custom pricing.


Hopefully, you have got an overall idea of the digital marketing tools that really perform very well. Of course, there are tons of other tools out there that might not have made our list. You just need to decide where to focus first and accordingly you might opt for the best marketing tool and my recommendation is AdSpy. Take advantage of AdSpy Free Trial and you will experience the best tool. Use code ADSPY75 soon!