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Submitted by: Ted on 2002-01-14 02:33:58.
Topic:Re: Where does Spice fit in to circuit design?
Body:Try out SuperSpice from Anasoft. I did SPICE as part of my degree 8 years ago and I'm trying to get back into it. My answer to your question is this.
Before SPICE, designers created circuits on breadboards, BIG ones! When things didn't work properly, they changed component values and made measurements. SPICE simply computerizes this process and helps you simulate a circuit before building it. You don't need expensive test equipment and you can pretty well debug designs before building a prototype.
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Submitted by: Robert B. Daniels on 2001-11-13 09:53:26.
Topic:Where does Spice fit in to circuit design?
Body:I am just starting circuit design in college. I have Electronic Work Bench /Mutisim and Circuit Shop presently installed on my computer at home. The college uses OrCad which I dont have. I can submit my circuit prints from EWB and my instructor will allow me to do them at home. Where does Spice fit in to circuit design as opposed to the afore mentioned programs.
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