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Submitted by: hassan on 2008-04-25 11:04:30.
Topic:Re: Re: PSpice 9 vs PSpice 8
Body:Hi Ben,
I am doing some modeling work in PSpice which is based on C++ source code Release 9. My query is do you have or is there any one you know who might be able to send me PSpice release 9 software?
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Submitted by: Robert Pique on 2002-01-25 22:55:25.
Topic:Re: PSpice 9 vs PSpice 8
Body:Hi, Ben!
In appearance there is not any reason to migrate to V9.x from V8. V8 Is from Microsim, V9.0 form ORCAD and 9.2 is Cadence, but with the OrCAD's schematics capture technology.
Microsim's schematics capture (SC) are fast and easy to use, but not support sheet-level design. OrCAD/Cadence SC are best but very hard to use.
In last PC-based platforms, releases 9.x are best and fast. I thinks that V9 simulation engine is best that V8. The main issue is to import designs from V8 to V.9x, and the model editor is strong in versions 9.0 and 9.2.
Bye from the Politechnic University in Barcelona
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Submitted by: Ben on 2002-01-12 07:35:03.
Topic:PSpice 9 vs PSpice 8
Related topic:PSpice
Body:Hi, what would be the key reasons to migrate from PSpice 8 to PSpice 9? Thanks, Ben
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