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Submitted by: Mark Richards on 2003-02-06 20:21:49.
Body:I'd like to ask you to update the recently posted thread about XSPICE and also ask you to update a link on your site. We have now put up a rudimentary web page at Georgia Tech to provide access to the XSPICE extensions (now in the public domain) to SPICE3. That page is at: http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~mrichard/Xspice/
I would appreciate it if you would add this note at the top of the recent XSPICE e-mail thread, and also replace the current link you have (to my ftp site) for downloading to point to the URL above, which has the same software but also provides ready access to a conference paper and the user's guide and looks nicer.
Thanks for your consideration.
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Submitted by: webmaster on 2003-01-18 22:00:37.
Topic:GTRI XSPICE available for download
Body:I understand your email restrictions, but I don't want to register just for this announcement, so please forward it to the appropiate forum.
Hi Pedro, XSPICE is publicly available at the following FTP site:
hostname: ftp.ece.gatech.edu
directory: /pub/users/mrichard/Xspice-1-0
filename: xspice-1-0.tar.Z
The site can be accessed via anonymous FTP.
I have talked w/the researchers and we will put up new GTRI web pages about XSPICE soon; apparently some of the older pages may have been lost in GTRI's web page redesign last year.
It's like 20M in size, and I'm having problems building it for FreeBSD, but it's definitely very cool. Thanks to Gatech's GTRI!!
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Submitted by: Carl on 2002-07-23 09:30:03.
Topic:Re: Xspice Software
Body:Hi John,
as far as I understand XSPICE is a group of extensions to the SPICE3 simulator developed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). It is not a software by itself.
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Submitted by: John Branson on 2002-07-16 19:37:35.
Topic:Xspice Software
Related topic:XSPICE
Body:Xspice is now in the public domain, but this has not made it any easier to get a copy. Can anyone help me to get a copy?
Please help me if you can.
Kind regards
John B
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