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Submitted by: webmaster on 2002-08-11 19:09:40.
Topic:Re: Acoustic modeling
Body:A contribution about a two-port analogous circuit and SPICE model for Salmon's family of acoustic horns has recently been added.
While this is not a directly answer, it might help in modelling your device.
Hope this helps.
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Submitted by: tibou79 on 2002-07-29 11:23:58.
Topic:Acoustic modeling
Body:Our company has the need for a tool that will predict the performance of headphones and microphones where the dimensions involved are only a small fraction of a wavelength.
Our headsets include Active Noise Reduction (ANR) circuits. We are searching for a modelling tool that will enable us to reliably predict the acoustic performance of an ANR headset before building a physical prototype.
I have heard about analogies between electronics and acoustics.
So I'd like to know if you have the experience of that sort of modeling.
Thank you for your help,
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