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Submitted by: webmaster on 2004-07-27 23:16:12.
Topic:Re: PSpice vs. HSpice
Body:You could have a look at the "Semiconductor modelling with Spice" book. It is a bit old but the description of the modelling techniques provides a thorough description of the Spice3, PSpice and Hspice implementations. A good way to understand the differences between the simulators.
Hope this helps,
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Submitted by: ae19242004 on 2004-07-26 20:24:51.
Topic:PSpice vs. HSpice
Body:Hi there, does any one have articles/etc. on the difference between PSpice and Hspice in terms of model accuracy as a function of frequency. For example, can both simulate low and frequency circuits, i.e. 10MHz -> 40GHz. Do they have the right models? Thanx
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