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Submitted by: steeletraps on 2005-05-21 00:01:08.
Topic:Re: WorkBench V5 recovery
Body:Go to the website of whoever makes your dongle. Download the latest driver from them. I know with my Micro-Cap simulator that I had to download the latest HASP driver to get the dongle to work with Windows XP. I don't know what dongle type WorkBench uses, but if it is a HASP key, you can get the latest driver at: http://www.spectrum-soft.com/download.shtm
Click on the hinstall.zip link. Instructions for installing it are right below the link.
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Submitted by: Keytron on 2005-05-20 12:18:55.
Topic:WorkBench V5 recovery
Any suggestons how to set-up the old EWB V5 on Windows XP Home? The Dongle driver is not uploading automatically?
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