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Submitted by: Keytron on 2005-06-08 08:17:14.
Topic:Re: Re: Electronic Workbench Dongle
Body:Hello All,
We just have to announce Interactive responses. If they don't support their software released 5 years ago, and not one released 2 years ago - this is enough for me not to purchase any new Multisim products even they are functionally attractive.
By the way, I did try to purchase an upgrade and, of course, pay for it but again they propose only the new product which costs much a lot than the original software!!!
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Submitted by: Lhedding on 2005-06-08 00:02:19.
Topic:Re: Electronic Workbench Dongle
Body:Good luck, you'll need it. Myself and several colleagues have tried over the past several months to get support form Interactive Image Technology LTD. for some very recent, but none the less down level versions of Multisim. No one could get any support at all. They only wanted to sell new software. I think they must be going under. It's a shame, since it was always a neat product, no matter how flawed it always seemed to be (simulations had to be extremely simple to ever yield accurate results). They are now rude and ruthless. Post any success you have with them. I don't imagine you will have any luck.
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Submitted by: steeletraps on 2005-05-23 18:29:00.
Topic:Re: Electronic Workbench Dongle
Body:I don't know which one they used. You may be able to check on the dongle to see. It may have a name in the plastic on the dongle. I checked my dongles, and if it has HASP on it, that is an Aladdin key and you can get the driver through the link I posted previously. I'll put it here again. http://www.spectrum-soft.com/download.shtm The other one I have is from Rainbow and is called the Sentinel. I don't know what their address is. Those are two of the big dongle manufacturers so most likely it is one of these two.
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Submitted by: Keytron on 2005-05-21 21:12:06.
Topic:Electronic Workbench Dongle
Body:How can I find the source of dongle key used for Electronic Work Bench ver.5 (5 years old). I need an updated driver for it to run on Win XP home edition.
(Unfortunatly Interactive Image Technologies refuses to support the "old" software I payed for!)
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