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Submitted by: steeletraps on 2005-06-16 23:49:17.
Topic:Re: LPV324.MOD
Body:The SPICE 3 format also swaps the value and model order of a resistor if I remember correctly so that:

RIB 32 33 RIB 1K
.MODEL RIB RES (TC1=0.0031443)

would be:

RIB 32 33 1K RIB
.MODEL RIB RES (TC1=0.0031443)

I don't know if that would cause a convergence error though. I would think ngspice would trap that format error if it couldn't handle it.
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Submitted by: Garst on 2005-06-12 08:22:19.
Body:I'm trying to use this model with ngspice.
I changed the RES entries to R, and plugged the model into a circuit that works with several other opamps. It fails to converge. I suspect this is some problem between ngspice (derived from spice3f5) and Pspice, but I can't spot it.
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