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Submitted by: davidinv on 2005-11-26 01:18:50.
Topic:Linux Developer Wanted - World Wide
Body:World Tailor Shops Chains
Linux 3D developer
3D development, Linux
Mail resume to songrail@126.com

Later Projects:
3D development

We are hoping to discuss with you further about the software & application function, performance, data, interface requirements.

Developers arrangement, task, etc.

The Works, cost
Project Schedule
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Risk identify
Risk forecast
Risk evaluate
Risk control

Experience of development

Skills and Abilities for Test

Candidates with own PC at home and with internet connections are preferred.
Able to work in the time schedule.
If you live in large city, you will work in office later.

Mail resumes to songrail@126.com

GuangXing Zhang - Internatinal Investment Agent
201Rm, 194# Enning Rd. Guangzhou China 510140
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